Sanjeev Bhanot // Sunday

Sanjeev's teaching is a delicious cocktail of asanas, breathing, humor and pearls of wisdom drawn from his own wealth of experiences and ancient Indian philosophy. For Sanjeev the yoga mat is an amazing place to create harmony, raise self-awareness and increase physical strength and flexibility at the same time. He evokes transformation in his students and is famous among them for generously encouraging everybody to distribute warm hugs to each other. One leaves his classes in a state of spiritual high and physical wellbeing.

Sanjeev is an authentic home grown Indian yogi who trained with the Sadhus in his village and learned the tricks of the trade by pure experience. He was drawn to yoga at a very early age fascinated by the way of life of the Sadhus - which also gave him an excuse to miss school classes to hang out with them! He feels blessed that they took him under their wing and taught him what no school could teach him.

Later, Sanjeev studied naturopathy, biology and chemistry and spent a lot of time on his own initiative in hospitals to satisfy his curiosity about the human anatomy. Sanjeev started teaching Yoga and enjoyed the gratification from the physical healing yoga brought for his students. Driven by his passion and fascination for Yoga, he founded Yogalife in 1999. Sanjeev has also worked on many global projects and coached celebrities since then.

Sanjeev’s wild and rebellious nature still trickles through his classes as he shares his funny anecdotes from his experiences with his students inviting all to be more playful with their lives and to find joy in the moment rather than rely on external or future events.

Sanjeev now enjoys fruits of his labor as some of his passionate students join the Yogalife team and bring their uniqueness to create together a bigger impact for Yoga lovers and for the human wellbeing. Seeing the magic of Yoga spread through his students - many of whom are accomplished teachers now - as well as in events, retreats, workshops and the Yogalife Festival, Sanjeev feels full of gratitude and blessed as he witnesses his dharma coming to life.

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