Meet Annika,

a voice and sound therapist with 40 years of experience in Pranayama and voice work. She studied at the British Academy of Sound Therapy to realise her degrees in sound and voice therapy and is a member of the Therapeutic Sound Association.

Find your voice

Our voice is a reflection of who we are, the life we live, our habits, emotions, tensions, happiness and so on. Our voice is even more personal than our fingerprint. In this workshop you learn to listen to your own voice and become aware of silence, sound, your voice and other’s voices. You will develop a love for your own voice and the sounds that surround you.

You listen and communicate, first with yourself and then with others, without words.
In this workshop for speakers, listeners and singers you will learn how to give yourself a profound massage with your own voice.

In this workshop, voices aren’t trained, they are set free.


Annika’s Journey

Annika previously worked with well known Yogis such as Kia Miller, gives voice and sound workshops, voice and sound baths and private voice therapy all the way from Lapland to LA.

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