Meet Bert Evens,

a passionate musician and teacher for whom the experience of silence and music walk hand in hand. Fascinated by expression through sound and rhythm, he got submerged in the West-African djembe culture in Mali.

A Bridge Between People

Next to being a percussionist in several bands, Bert shares a mixture of his own poetry, songs and instrumentals in living room performances with the aim of forming a bridge between people of diverse traditions and walks of life. Both in 2005 and 2015, Bert released his own work of meditative songs which you can discover through his website.


Bert is fascinated by instruments that inspire us to calm down and bring us to inner peace. His music is an invitation to silent meditation and to experience mantra in a deep holistic way. If you like singing, accompanied by the Shruti Box and a smooth rhythm on the RAV drum, this will be certainly something you will enjoy to the fullest. “Aum shanti”, resonating in your belly and your heart! Let’s go for it, together!  

Bert shall play for us on the RAV drum, the hang-drum, different types of split drums as well as a variety of flutes like the triple-flute and the tenor-recorder.

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