Meet Bert Peeters,

a Yoga teacher and stretch coach. His teaching inspiration comes from different styles, particularly the traditions from Yogeshwarananda, Krishnamacharya & Bishnu Gosh. After an unfortunate hernia Bert’s approach shifted and veered more towards an organic method, away from dogma.

Bert’s Journey

Bert loves helping students with physical problems as well as guiding advanced students to progress further. He’s the first Belgian to become certified in the Stretch Therapy (ST) system.

Bhalu Yoga is the result of Bert’s journey in Yoga. It combines scientific stretching (PNF & Rollstretch) with functional training. We often lack strength in crucial areas like the core and stiffness settles into the body from the many hours we sit. When you balance strength with flexibility you get a strong and resilient body. Breath as a silent but driving force behind the body has the full potential to create this profound balance.


Bhalu Yoga

Bhalu means ‘bear’ in Hindi. The bear is a powerful AND supple animal. During his winter hibernation he slows down his breath. The Bhalu Yoga method fuses control of body, mind and breath into one powerful system.

This class will be fun for EVERY body, balancing your movement pattern and discovering the secrets of stretching!

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