Meet Ceylan,

who combines yoga and nutrition in her programmes, helping clients to reach their wellness goals in order to acquire healthier lifestyle habits. After being introduced to yoga many years ago, it is now her dream to practice and teach yoga as long as she lives!

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

RYT 600h Teacher based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ceylan is originally from Turkey, Istanbul. She is a mother of two boys and has been living in Switzerland with her family for the last six years. She is a 600-hour Registered Yoga Teacher based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ceylan teaches power-vinyasa and Antastha yoga classes in Geneva, Switzerland and is a very enthusiastic yoga student, too!

She did her first 200-hour Power Yoga training in Geneva and her Hatha-Antastha Yogalife training in India. She did her second 200-hour training, and Advanced Training on Body with Yogalife, in Switzerland.

After 15 years of experience in the marketing field, she made a career change and became a Certified Healthy Living Coach and yoga teacher. She combines yoga and nutrition in her programmes to help her clients reach their wellness goals through acquiring healthier lifestyle habits, which may include diet and yoga exercises.

Connection to Core

Waves of Power and Serenity

Yoga brings out the power we have at the core of ourselves to make us realize our own energy and use it in the best way for our body, mind, and spirit.

In this practice we will go through waves of power and strength and transform them into waves of serenity, allowing us to go deeper into our being.

After a strong power-vinyasa yoga, we will put on our blindfolds, close our eyes and connect with our core.

This class is for you if…


You want to experience the power yoga and power within you


You enjoy the balance of energetic, powerful yoga and deep relaxation


You curious about exploring how you feel when you do yoga with closed eyes after a strong practice

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