Meet Devananda,

who started his Yoga journey in 1995 and experienced different yoga styles. In 2013 he discovered the benefits of Sampoorna Yoga on the body and mind. The full experience of the Sampoorna Yoga system transformed his view on health and life.

Connected With Nature

Devananda has grown up on a coastal village in Belgium where he was deeply connected with nature. His passion for sea and being a sailor gave him from young age a free-minded spirit always looking for ways to explore behind the horizon and discover new journeys.

He wanted to share the benefits of Yoga with other people and became Sampoorna Yoga Teacher in 2015 after being trained by Shri Yogi Hari (200H RYT). Since then he returns regularly to Shri Yogi Hari to further study with him. He’s also a Thai Yoga Massage therapist as the connection of body, mind and breath is vital in yoga.

Since begin 2017, he’s the co-director of Sampoorna Yoga Studio Brussels.

He’s very proud to be able to share Sampoorna Yoga Joy, Bliss and Happiness with his students as this is based on authentic traditional hatha yoga from Sivananda lineage.

In his classes he wants to pass to his students the tools to connect with their internal health, balance and happiness. During his classes he uses humor and passes on knowledge of anatomy whilst explaining yoga benefits.

Regular practice and teaching allows him to achieve balance and remain happy and positive in life.


Sampoorna Hatha Yoga

Dave will teach a Sampoorna Yoga class to allow a deep practice with a profound effect on the body and mind. Sampoorna Yoga has been developed by Shri Yogi Hari.

Sampoorna Yoga – the “Yoga Of Fullness” – is a vigorous, energizing, relaxing style of hatha yoga in the Sivananda tradition. A complete workout for your body, while calming your mind and nourishing your spirit. It can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, health and level of fitness.

He’ll teach the classic dynamic Sampoorna hatha yoga class suitable for everyone. Beginners are guided and more advanced students provided with suggestions to deepen their practice.

The class consists of fundamental and energizing breathing exercises, warming up and strengthening exercises, followed by an intelligent sequence of yoga postures and finally, a deep relaxation.

This class offers you…


A workout for your body, while nourishing your spirit.


A dynamic Sampoorna hatha yoga class suitable for everyone.


Sampoorna Yoga – the “Yoga Of Fullness”

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