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a single mother of 3 who discovered her second youth when she decided to go back to university in her late thirties. She used yoga techniques to cope with the pressure of school during that time. When meditation and yoga appeared on her path, she could connect with herself and feel the innermost goal in life.

Liberated by Yoga

For many years I was in search of the meaning of life and how deep that could take me. When meditation and yoga appeared on my path, this was a liberation for me. I could connect with myself, discover the joy within and feel my innermost goal in life. I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in this ancient philosophy whilst travelling in India, and now pass it on in my current teachings. The study of psychology gave me more insight into the depths of human suffering and emotions, which I combine with yoga for emotional healing.

Your Emotional Body

Yoga has a deep effect on your emotional and psychological well-being. The body and mind are one. What goes on in your mind, reflects in the body and vice versa. Emotions can overwhelm us and give rise to inner conflict in such a way that it’s difficult to cope with them. We may suppress them, deny them or become carried away by emotions. Practicing yoga has a positive effect on your emotional well-being because every asana reflects a certain attitude. It is important in life to find the right balance. For example, in life we need power, bravery, and self-confidence to prosper, but also surrendering, acceptance and peacefulness are equally important to balance our energy and not be overpowered by a single thought or feeling.

In my class at the festival, you will learn how to deal with difficult emotions and which asanas work in particular with your emotional and spiritual body.

In this class you will…


Lear to deal with difficult emotions


Balance your energies


Use asanas to improve your spiritual body

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