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The festival grounds are less than 10 km from Ghent, in the rural municipality of Laarne. You can quietly enjoy this green space of 1.5 ha during the festival and during your free time. The festival grounds will have two beautiful tents erected for the yoga classes, a campground, a campfire circle and as well as a parking area.

Here at Yogalife, we value making a low impact on the environment we hold the festival in. We ask that each of us who attend the event do our part to contribute to this cause, whether it is being responsible for your waste or carpooling with your friends to save on gasoline use and emissions. We believe in being kind to the planet and ask for you to help us by travel to the Yogalife Festival with the lowest impact possible. You can take public transportation, ride a bicycle if you live or stay nearby, or again, use a rideshare system which we help facilitate through our Facebook community page here.

Mellestraat 18A
9270 Laarne

Transportation Information

If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and prefer the environment, then naturally, you may choose to cycle to the festival. This year we will provide a large bicycle parking area. Please note that it is not guarded, so bring your own bicycle lock.

Click here to  join us on an epic cycling adventure from Gent to Yogalife Festival!

Train & Bus:
Laarne is easily accessible by public transport. You can come to Wetteren by train, through the normal timetable (www.nmbs.be). Following your train, you can take a bus from De Lijn (Bus 27 and 34) www.delijn.be.

Parking is available at the entrance of the festival grounds. We encourage carpooling, which can be arranged through our festival Facebook group.

Yogalife Festival

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