Meet Maria-Angelica,

born in Venezuela and since 21 years on the move through Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, United States, Belgium and now Spain, Maria Angelica started her first Yoga Teacher Training with Yogalife after a 10 year practice.

A Journey of Growth

She went through a profound transformation, healing and understanding the process of life. It was and still continues to be a journey of growth and self-acceptance, a deep look into herself to connect, to develop self-empathy, to trust and to surrender into the flow of life. Yoga became a true passion.

Maria Angelica’s academic background in Mass Communication and professional experience as a journalist has always kept her curious about life, and most importantly, about the mind. A daily meditation practice has created an understanding and an awareness of how the mind works and how observing the thoughts from a distance is a crossroad between freedom and suffering.

Maria Angelica is 400h certified in YCP Yoga Corrective Practice, Hatha Yoga, Antastha Yoga, anatomy, physiology, philosophy and coaching.

Come Back Home

In Maria Angelica’s class, she invites people to come back ‘home’, finding space in the mind and body to be able to reconnect with the true self. Let’s take a step back from the ego, the remaining being pure love, generosity and compassion as powerful healing tools.

Maria Angelica’s class is a Hatha-based sequence where breathing will serve as a tool for connection, to take students from one to another posture without suffering, as well as to take their mind from past and future into the present moment. It is a call for understanding that ‘home’ is not just the physical place but their roots, authenticity and essence.

Honesty is very valuable to Maria Angelica and so everything she shares in her classes is based from her own unique life experience.

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