Micaela Preguerman // Friday

Mica organically grew with Yogalife in the search for answers to her immense curiosity. This deep desire to know and experience Yoga in every aspect of her life makes Mica a very committed yoga student. She has the ability to understand the struggles of other people and has the conviction to take them deep inside to find their own answers. She is pure passion: inspiring and motivating others wherever she goes, she is the kind of teacher who opens your heart and leads you back to your innate happiness. For her, to be a yoga teacher means to remind us of what’s most important: to find the inner light that illuminates our own path, to challenge us to grow, to be independent, to question everything so that you find your own Truth. Micas heart-wish is to dedicate her life to spread the practices of yoga, and in doing so, have the chance to impact millions around the globe with the healing powers of yoga, as once happened to herself.

Mica was raised in the openness of a family which comes from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Ancestral native rituals were celebrated in harmony together with ancient traditions of Israel. Temples, churches or the bare Earth - Pachamama - were her natural places to praise “what we feel but can not see” - as her Argentinian native Grandmother used to tell her. Mica grew up with the clear understanding that the journey is internal and that the universe lies within.

Mica originally studied Art Direction and Visual Communication in Buenos Aires, and after spending many years working in major advertising agencies in Argentina and Germany, she decided to follow completely her passion for yoga.

After her 200hrs Teacher Training with Yogalife, she accomplished the Advanced Teacher Training on Antastha Yoga in India as well. Besides her role at Yogalife as Coordination and Communication head, Mica is also co-trainer with Sanjeev in many of his Workshops and Retreats. She is one of the main teachers at the Hatha Yoga Foundation Retreat, which is held in India and she also teaches in the Bonn TTC and other Yogalife TTCs. She lives now in Barcelona and teaches Antastha Yoga.

She is mom of 2 boys and has founded Mutterherzen-Design, a global community of image and text designers with the intention of supporting women to start up their own businesses. She is an inspiring yogic soul!

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