Nathan Gray // Saturday

Nathan has a wealth of knowledge, above and beyond what is considered the normal training for a Yoga Teacher. Nathan has studied and attended trainings for a number of yoga disciplines, as well as training in Pilates, Fitness, Sports Massage, Holistic and Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Medicine, Psychology and much more, that is relevant to Yoga and wellbeing.

Along with this, Nathan has been teaching full time for over 15 years, teaching students of all levels and abilities, so there is a wealth of information that he can share with you in this workshop, that there simply isn’t time for in regular weekly classes. So if you are struggling with a pose, or have an injury that you feel prevents you from practicing certain Asana, then this Workshop aims to help find a solution.

Yoga Techniques 101 Masterclass

This will be an open Masterclass, in which after the initial warm up we will look at techniques and the use of props to improve your skills within various Yoga Postures, as well as working on the way we move in general. This masterclass is interactive, meaning that you get to lead the way in where the workshop goes – which postures we look at, what techniques you would like to learn or improve upon and so on.

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  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Yoga Style: Yoga Techniques 101 Masterclass
  • Website: Samballa

Join Nathan and the other teachers of yoga and attendees for a transformational experience at Belgium's most beautiful Yoga Festival. Explore new ideas, make new friends and discover new abilities. Experience authentic yoga.