Poonam and Hector,

One is a yoga teacher with Indian roots and the other an El Salvadorian dancer with a passion for Latin American dance.

Personal Growth

Step into the uplifting and dynamic world of Poonam Stecher Sharma and Hector Röthlisberger!

True inspiration triggers personal growth and lights up your inner self, your deep desire for exploring and discovering. It is time to also let creativity be a part of the game.

Share with Poonam and Hector the freedom to experiment with the strength of your core – in playful expression and persuasive rhythm.

Your environment becomes inspiring when you start to see the oneness in all. When you discover so many different ways to grow, to explore and to express, that is the moment when your creativity kicks in. Let’s share the joy of this beautiful experiment!

Fusion Flow

Fusion flow is a path shared by two yogis, Poonam and Hector who since four years have challenged and supported each other on the path of movement and yoga.

Get ready to experience classical Hatha yoga with a touch of flow and dance accompanied by a Indo Western, fiery playlist with summer vibes!

“We will take you from meditation into strength, stretches and joyful movement on your yoga mat. We can’t wait to share this beautiful space with you. Belgium we are coming!”

They will bring you…


Hatha yoga with a touch of flow and dance


A fiery playlist with summer vibes


Joyful movements on your yoga mat

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