Meet Reena,

Yoga, art, aesthetics and a bit of quirk would somewhat summarise Reena. Simple, yet authentic and non-pretentious is the style she likes to follow.

Balancing Yoga & Art

Having grown up in a family of yoga practitioners, she got exposed to the intricacies of yoga from an early childhood. A profession she never intended to pursue has now become the center of her life. With an artistic bent of mind she has her one foot in yoga and the other in art installations.

Her ability to connect with people makes learning with her a special experience. In each of her sessions the main emphasis is on understanding the needs of her students and connecting with their personal journeys. She tries to simplify the process for the learner to suit all levels.

Reena is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. She has worked as a professional yoga therapist since 1998. She has taught Yoga & meditation at various international establishments. At present she lives and works in Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Identifying Inner Patterns

Tapping into the realms of physical, mental and emotional healing while diving deep into different frequencies of your own body. Understanding that it’s all within, by introspecting the self. A session moving between the physical and the subtle, where one will get to experience & explore their own body.

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