Meet Rusty Davis,

studying at length the fascia, trauma release, emotional release, breathwork and many forms of Yoga, he has gained a rooted knowledge that he loves to share as he weaves his experience into unique classes that are energetic, grounding and healing. Rusty’s dharma is for you to walk away with knowledge that will empower you in your own yoga practice and life.​


Rusty has been teaching Transformational Breathwork for 5 years and developed his unique style from many different breathwork and yoga practices. He loves sharing this gift with his students and passes on this love so people can live with more peace, harmony, awareness, joy and less suffering.

Inspired by teachers such as Dharma Mittra, Noah Maze, BKS Inyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Thomas Meyers, Sarah Powers, Osho and SN Goenka, Rusty has been practicing for 27 and teaching for 15 years. He offers Teacher Trainings, workshops, retreats and personalized service through mentor programs and Transformation through Breathwork.



Be prepared to take a journey through the breath system that starts out with the fundamental methods of Spirit Journey Yoga: exploring how to open the body for taking a full and deep breath. We will open the fascia lines associated with the respiratory system, release some of the ‘bands of tensions’ held in the body and lengthen and strengthen the Psoas muscle using Yoga and release techniques that are accessible to all levels.

The aim will be to create more space around the diaphragm and thoracic spine thus leaving the body ready to bring in the Prana and detox naturally of tensions. The body will be prepared for take-off towards transformation as we will take a shamanic rocket journey to healing, resetting the nervous system, finding a deep sense of relaxation and more positive attitudes. This will be a life changing experience so be prepared to leave with a better sense of your breath patterns and a big smile on your face!

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