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Welcome to Yogalife Festival 2018

Why come to the Yogalife Festival? Come see for yourself what it’s all about.
What you need to know about the Yogalife Festival:

  • It’s an event organized by Yogalife Belgium, one of the leading yoga organizations in Belgium.
  • We are celebrating our 6th edition.
  • The Yogalife Festival 2018 takes place from 10 to 12 August in Laarne.
  • From all over the world, the very best yoga teachers come to Laarne, Belgium for this event!

What makes The Yogalife Festival special:

  • ongoing yoga classes & lectures throughout the entire weekend on a variety of topics and subjects suitable for all levels
  • a great networking opportunity to connect with other yoga practitioners and teachers who provide non-commercial, authentic yoga classes.
  • introducing people without yoga experience to high-quality yoga in a conducive learning environment without distraction or judgment
  • chill spaces and cosy corners to rest or simply chat with others.
  • participants and teachers laugh, sing, and eat together … while practicing yoga in a comfortable, specially created atmosphere.
  • promotion of a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.
  • all yoga and meditation classes as well as delicious vegetarian meals are included in the price.

Ready to Join the Community ?

Step #1

Book your ticket and come to Laarne, Belgium during the weekend of 10-12 August 2018.

Book your tickets now!

Step #2

Join the Yogalife Festival Facebook Group. This is where you can enjoy the Yogalife Festival all-year-long by discussing yoga-related topics with your new yoga friends! It is also a great resource for ridesharing to/from the festival.

Step #3

Lend a helping hand. Karma Yoga is the discipline of selfless action and is the backbone of the Yogalife Festival. It is what makes the Yogalife Festival so strong. The festival is completely volunteer-based, which means that together we make it a great event, year after year.

Join these wonderfull teachers at the Yogalife Festival


Poonam and Hector, One is a yoga teacher with Indian roots and the other an El Salvadorian dancer with a passion for Latin American dance. Personal...

Sanjeev Bhanot

Meet Sanjeev, he is a free-thinker, a sensitive soul and a born troublemaker. As the founder and guiding force behind Yogalife and Antastha Yoga, he...


Meet Devananda, who started his Yoga journey in 1995 and experienced different yoga styles. In 2013 he discovered the benefits of Sampoorna Yoga on...

Els Grobben

Meet Els, who is a Belgian yoga teacher with a love for Hatha Yoga in many different forms ranging from dynamic and powerful to quiet chair yoga for...

Elize Tikmane

Meet Elize, for the past decade, she has explored the movement and body in Laboratory of Stage Arts, as well as different dance, circus, and...

Greet Swinnen

Meet Greet, a single mother of 3 who discovered her second youth when she decided to go back to university in her late thirties. She used yoga...

Ceylan Ayik

Meet Ceylan, who combines yoga and nutrition in her programmes, helping clients to reach their wellness goals in order to acquire healthier...

Ilse Hubrecht

Meet Ilse, Over the years she traveled all over the world to India, San Francisco,… to deepen her knowledge with many teachers like Robert Boustany...

Diana Elizalde

Meet Diana, who’s classes seek to aid each individual to create space within, in order to reach not only a healthier body but to recognize their own...

Roselyne Willems

Meet Roselyne, when she started taking yoga classes with Wesley Basset in 2006, Roselyne had the amazing experience of really feeling her own body...

At the Yogalife Festival…








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