Experience Authentic Yoga

Experience new Adventures

It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said “Do one thing that scares you every day”. Every year the Yogalife festival is an adventure for the organizers and the participants. At the festival, you will be submerged in different styles of yoga, lectures and discussions from a wide variety of teachers. Every session might open your mind to new ideas. It is an adventure, and one worth leaving all your worries behind for. “Every single time I said Yes to a new yoga adventure, I was not disappointed and the world seemed like an even more magical place.” Who knows where this might take you?

Experience new Friends

Is it just as scary for you to hang out with new people as it is for us? We dare you to step out of your comfort zone and get to know new people. You have no idea what you can learn, discover and experience when you meet new friends. We dare you to step out of your comfort zone and get to know new people. We might just surprise you. Often the most unexpected encounters turn out to be life-changing.

Experience Happiness

If you’ve been stressed out, angry, bitter, disappointed, afraid, or depressed for a while — maybe it’s time to stop blaming other people and situations, and instead choose happiness and hope. Yes, it’s easier said than done but it is entirely possible. All you have to do is wake up and decide to be happy no matter what happens that day. Yoga can release a side of you that you never knew before.

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11 - 12 - 13 AUGUST .. LAARNE .. BELGIUM

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About Yogalife

Sanjeev Bhanot had been teaching the ancient practice of yoga for good health, wellbeing and personal growth for 7 years in New Delhi when he founded Yogalife in 1999. He wanted to educate more teachers so that as many people as possible could contribute to changing the world one step at a time. Since then he has educated hundreds of students from more than 30 countries to become yoga teachers.
It was Manoj, Sanjeev’s younger brother, who brought Yogalife to Belgium ten years after the launch in India. In the years that followed, Manoj has built a strong team of yoga teachers and friends, slowly making Yogalife one of the leading yoga organizations in Belgium. He and his team continue to create yoga teacher training courses, workshops, seminars and retreats, and since 2013 organize a yearly yoga festival in August.
On the website of Yogalife, you can find out about the team members, united by a passion for yoga. They find strength in diversity with each person bringing their own unique expertise, combining Indian wisdom with modern knowledge to live yoga in the modern world and support the students to do so too.

These people came to our festival

Loved the day, super time with my USP friends and teachers, next year 2 days whatever happens ? lovely classes and thanks for giving me the chance of giving a class ? thanks to my family for giving yoga a go ? thanks to all, special thanks for the karma team.

Peggy Bal Yoga Teacher

The setting was like a fairy tale, classes were fun and relaxing, and the food exquisite. Thank you Yogalife for making this possible, and a big congratulation to the whole organizing team!

Ilse Hubrecht Yoga Teacher

Thanx to all of you for sharing all the beauty you have inside! Keep shining! X

Karen Janssen Yoga Teacher

It was amazing, what a beautiful ENERGY … Wish the whole world could feel the same connection! We are absolutely completing a MISSION with this YOGAteam: reconnect the world in LOVE and CARE for each other 🙂 Namasté Xxx Big hug to ALL OF YOU!

Mieke Poppe Teacher at Mariagaard

Thank you so much for this wonderful yoga week-end. I enjoyed it so much and feel very blessed of being a part of it and being able to share the beautiful energy. Namasté to you all

Nancy de Smet Yoga Teacher

Happy to know the dates of Yogalife Festival 2017, so we can organize ourselves to be there. It’s a highlight of the year!

Walter Bauwens Management Coach

Such a wonderful energy! I enjoyed each and every second. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the participants for turning this festival into a truly magical event!

Sigrid van de Wijer Yoga Teacher