Festival 2019

9 / 10 / 11 August
Laarne – Belgium









Line-Up 2019

Walter Bauwens

Career man and holistic coach Walter Bauwens, shares valuable insights about how one can follow their true purpose in life whilst achieving financial freedom.

Savira Gupta

As a knowledgeable and charmingly inspiring Yin Yoga teacher, Savira Gupta’s classes encourage each student to evolve on and off the Yoga mat.

Ute Schaber

In Ute Schaber’s typical way – loving and kind – she shares with the world a deep knowledge of Lu Jong, a Tibetan healing practice that brings strength, stability and happiness.

Sophie Snoeckx

Sophie Snoeckx’ adventurous personality brings you a unique exploration of intimacy and awareness, harmonizing the sacred and the playful.

Sanjeev Bhanot

He is a free-thinker, a sensitive soul and a born troublemaker. As the founder and guiding force behind Yogalife, he shares his considerable expertise.

Manoj Bhanot

He does not hesitate to drop what proves to be unneeded and asks his student not to believe blindly, but to question and experience for themselves.


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Yogalife Festival

Yogalife empowers your body and your mind.

Beginner or experienced Yogi ? Take a Yoga holiday and join us for a 3 days long Yogafestival at Laarne. Immerse into yoga, meditation, workshops and the joy of life. Enrich your experience with Belgian and international experienced teachers. Share happiness, lovely and healthy food, laughing and singing. Meet new friends, embrace old friends. Join us now !


At the Yogalife Festival we create a strong community in an intimate, green environment. Compassion is our priority, a way of life we share with you. Of course we do Yoga, but we want you to feel and to experience the power of hugging old friends, making new friends, watching the stars, sharing food and stories. Just be in the moment for 3 days long.