At the Yogalife Festival…

Yogalife Festival


“At the Yogalife Festival, we create an atmosphere of friendship and family. People come to the Yogalife Festival to meet old and new friends and to spend a wonderful weekend together. We eat together, watch the stars together, sing and laugh together and above all, do yoga together.”

Manoj Bhanot – Yogalife Belgium

Ready to Join the Community ?

Step #1

Book your ticket and come to Laarne, Belgium during the weekend of 10-12 August 2018.

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Step #2

Join the Yogalife Festival Facebook Group. This is where you can enjoy the Yogalife Festival all-year-long by discussing yoga-related topics with your new yoga friends! It is also a great resource for ridesharing to/from the festival.

Step #3

Lend a helping hand. Karma Yoga is the discipline of selfless action and is the backbone of the Yogalife Festival. It is what makes the Yogalife Festival so strong. The festival is completely volunteer-based, which means that together we make it a great event, year after year.

We thank these partners for helping us make the Yogalife Festival possible:

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