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The Yogalife Festival values authenticity and builds a strong community around this central theme that supports its vision. Yogis from around Europe join together in Laarne, Belgium for a weekend where to experience the thing they love most in a group setting. People share the yoga journey together and continue their friendships outside the festival at other yoga events throughout the year. Everyone needs a good dose of joy, good health and happiness in their lives and some of the best ways to get this is through friendships and yoga. We believe that by joining forces between the organisers, teachers, volunteers, and participants we will create a snowball effect that will make the world a better place.

What The Community Says…

I am grateful for the great teachers who came and shared their insights, the karma teams who worked hard to make this festival a success (setting up the festival site and cleaning up afterward), especially the people who spent many hours in the kitchen cooking delicious food for all of us.

Yves Barbion

I am so happy that I could volunteer at the festival. I am so proud of being part of a community and the feeling of belonging… Thank you so much Yogalife ❤

Dana Hawwash

I am thankful for having a place to be and contribute with all the wonderful people helping. I was amazed by all the great teachers, the atmosphere, and the amazing food… Yogalife, I’m looking forward to next year’s edition!

Aurélie Van Brussel

Never Done Yoga?

Totally fine! At the festival, there is a very open atmosphere where everybody likes to help each other. The Yogalife festival is the best introduction for people who have none to little experience with yoga. When you come for a day or the entire weekend, you will get to know different yoga styles, all from the same ancient source. You will meet people who have been practicing yoga for a long time and who can share their experiences with you as inspiration.

Are you an Experienced Yogi?

The Yogalife festival is also ideal for advanced yogis. At the festival, you will meet many people who, just like you, have experienced the positive effect of yoga on their lives. Additionally, you will meet teachers who have been teaching for several decades, who can share more knowledge with you and deepen your practice further. There is even the opportunity to chat at the lunch table with them or relax together in the summer sun during a break.

The yoga instructors are undoubtedly those who make the festival unique, they leave behind a special impression that I feel with only a few other people: determined and confident, yet quiet, modest, understanding. Also the relaxed atmosphere between the participants. And last but not least, the yoga sessions outdoors: grass and trees give a healing effect.

Koen & Sofie

At the Yogalife festival, many great yoga teachers came to spread their teaching and I feel blissful to be a part of the festival. It was like a family affair… an unforgettable, wonderful experience for a lifetime ?
Thank you to the Yogalife family ??

Pankaj Sharma

Dear Yogalife, I loved the green environment and the wide yoga offering over the three days because it gave me the chance to get to know different types of yoga. Also the extra workshops besides yoga where very interesting. Next year I will definitely take more of that. I also found the friendly atmosphere very pleasant!

Hans De Keyser

The History of Yogalife Belgium

Sanjeev Bhanot founded Yogalife in 1999 in New Delhi, India where he taught yoga for seven years. With the creation of Yogalife, he wanted to train people to become yoga teachers who could give high quality, authentic yoga classes. His training would, in turn, enable these teachers to allow as many people as possible to discover yoga around the world. Yogalife has now grown into a global organisation that has trained hundreds of students from more than 30 different countries to become yoga teachers.

Sanjeev’s younger brother, Manoj Bhanot, is the one who is responsible for bringing Yogalife from India to Belgium in 2009. Yogalife Belgium then grew to become one of the most prominent yoga organisations in Belgium that provides teacher training courses, workshops, seminars, and retreats. Since 2013, the annual Yogalife Festival is also a part of these offerings.

“At the Yogalife Festival, we create an atmosphere of friendship and family. People come to the Yogalife Festival to meet old and new friends and to spend a wonderful weekend together. We eat together, watch the stars together, sing and laugh together and above all, do yoga together.”

Manoj Bhanot – Yogalife Belgium

Ready to Join the Community ?

Step #1

Book your ticket and come to Laarne, Belgium during the weekend of 10-12 August 2018.

Book your tickets now!

Step #2

Join the Yogalife Festival Facebook Group. This is where you can enjoy the Yogalife Festival all-year-long by discussing yoga-related topics with your new yoga friends! It is also a great resource for ridesharing to/from the festival.

Step #3

Lend a helping hand. Karma Yoga is the discipline of selfless action and is the backbone of the Yogalife Festival. It is what makes the Yogalife Festival so strong. The festival is completely volunteer-based, which means that together we make it a great event, year after year.

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