Meet Sabina Kojasevic

Lover of life in full motion, Sabina Kojasevic shares the inspiration she collects all over the world and translates it into a beautiful flow which will harmonize your body and mind.

Full Motion

Sabina first set foot into a Yoga studio in 2010, the first step of what would prove to be an expanding and exhilarating journey. Inspired by her teachers and attending international workshops she very quickly became an avid and passionate student. Diving deeper into Yoga by completing her teacher training and experiencing teaching for a while, she fell head over heels with the power of sharing her inspiring Yoga practice with others.

Her profession as a marketing manager in an international environment and fast forward lifestyle industry has been enriching her life in many ways. Traveling the world and meeting people from other cultures is the greatest adventure and she carries chapters of these encounters with her on the Yoga mat.

“The love for life with its beauty of nature and individual souls is what inspires me most. Living life in full bloom by following the heart towards whatever makes you happy.”

Sabina teaches regularly at Sanapurna Center for Yoga and Therapy in Zurich.

Flow Motion

Sabina guides creative flows accompanied by heartening sounds. She loves movement which is focused on safe alignment and understands the benefits of hands-on adjustments. A beautiful combination of strength, flexibility and breath control, this class harmonize the body and mind. Unfolding with a gentle warm-up to prepare for more intense and challenging postures, physically as well as mentally. Slowing down towards Savasana with stretching poses, this class leaves you feeling relaxed, strong and energized.

You Will …


Harmonize your body and mind


Work on your strength, flexibility and breath control


Feel relaxed, strong and energized

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