Meet Sarah,

who is a Belgian Yogalife teacher and psychotherapist. Next to the inspiring start of her yoga journey with Yogalife, Sarah continued specializing in Yin Yoga with Mirjam Wagner and Sarah Powers.

Mastering the Mind

Sarah has her own successful yoga studio in Leuven where she creates a welcoming space and is surrounded by an amazing team of yoga teachers, many of which also come from the Yogalife family.

Next to her yoga studio, she helps people on a daily basis with psychotherapy to find their way towards a better mastering of their mind.

Self Awareness

Sarah will take you on a trip of self awareness during her class. You will learn how to build up strength and stability and at the same time to be soft and receptive. With an open mind you will discover both your strong and your soft side. On the path of discovering contentment within ourselves, Sarah will guide us to create space in our mind and body, enabling us to take this out of the class and into our daily life.

Sarah will…


take you on a trip of self awareness


teach you how to build strength and stability


guide you to use yoga in your daily life

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