Meet Anne Eberhardt

Adventurous, open hearted and passionate, Yoga & Mindfulness teacher Anne Eberhardt believes in and is committed to ‘Yoga for All’, which she translates through creative sequences and a groovy flow!

love is the only thing that grows when shared

Born and raised in France, Anne started to practice yoga in 2011 in the middle of an always-on-the-go marketing corporate life. This encounter rapidly turned into a love story, an essential part of her lifestyle, a place of constant exploration and inspiration! Realising how much clarity and truth Yoga brought to her life – and as ‘love is the only thing that grows when shared’ (A. de St-Exupéry) – she decided to step out of her corporate role to share what she knows and is passionate about with others.

Since 2015, you’ll find her teaching Yoga & Mindfulness in studios, business offices, schools and universities, besides running her own studio ‘Bubble Yoga’ in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Combining all the influences she has received over the years, Anne loves to teach various styles of yoga, from energising and creative flow classes to grounding and restorative practices or personalised therapeutic sequences, always supported by carefully selected music. As a paragliding pilot, outdoor sports enthusiast and mountains lover, her classes are deeply connected to the Elements, focused on how the way we move and breathe on our mat can translate into our everyday actions.

Anne aims to inspire her students to believe in their own capacity to grow and know themselves. She encourages them to be grateful for their successes and playful with their challenges. She offers a safe space for them to practice free of judgement or competition, to connect to themselves and others. Anne believes in and commits to ‘Yoga for All’.
“My name is Anne and I am here to help you create more space for yourself;

Through Yoga to bring movement to your body and reconnect to your breath;

Through Mindfulness to quiet the mind and find more balance to navigate the real world;

Through Community to create meaningful connections & empower each other to grow.”

Groove Flow

The flow gets a bit funkier, the music gets a bit louder, the smiles get a lot bigger and the hearts feel much lighter! ‘Groovy Flow’ is about using movement and music to enter a state of meditation in motion! It is about feeling light. Moving through creative sequencing, designed to inspire both physically and mentally, this class is also inviting you to move beyond the borders of your own mat, connecting with the community around. Expect to mix your personal practice with some partner-work fun, channelling your sense of play and connection, before unwinding and closing with a long relaxation. The environment of the class is positive, non-competitive and uplifting! Basic yoga experience is recommended.

You Will …


Be inspired by creative sequences


Connect through partner-work fun


Unwind with a long relaxation

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