Meet Manoj Bhanot

He does not hesitate to drop what proves to be unneeded and asks his student not to believe blindly, but to question and experience for themselves.

Rebellious Nature

To say that Manoj was driven and guided by the universe to teach yoga would not be an overstatement. However, that does not mean he took the shortcut on the path towards yoga teaching.

The seed of yoga was planted very early on by being born into a yoga family, gaining insight into the scriptures, interacting with great teachers and renowned writers, all this in the setting of an underdeveloped small village where it was barely possible to even buy a normal book.

Manoj’s rebellious nature was not ready to surrender without questioning and that lead him onto the path of the material world. This questioning always continued and after experiencing life through his fairly good career as a software engineer, art curator, event and marketing manager as a seemingly happy man, he decide to question again and check all the components of existence within him. Doing so, he found his true meaning in teaching yoga.

This time it was not a mere philosophy flying in the air but tools with relevance and in direct connection with real life.

Reestablish Yoga

Smoothly integrated, all these components are to be found in Manoj’s yoga class. You will experience the stillness and pleasantness of Asana definition from Raja Yoga. You will find the right balance of Hatha Yoga’s energy principles. You will experience the questioning of Gyan Yoga. Underneath, there is a constant tone of Pratyahara which will create the withdrawal of the senses effortlessly, which will take you back to where you come from originally.

Experienced people will find another depth and beginners will open up to a whole new world. Everyone will find their own understanding through Manoj’s yoga class which is a genuine effort to reestablish the lost teachings of Yoga.

You Will Experience…


The stillness and pleasantness of Asana definition from Raja Yoga.


The right balance of Hatha Yoga’s energy principles.


A constant tone of Pratyahara

Line-Up 2019

Elena Dany

Through the connection of body, mind and spirit, Elena Dany encourages you to let go of unnecessary thoughts, release your fears and arrive back home into your own heart.

Sabina Kojasevic

Lover of life in full motion, Sabina Kojasevic shares the inspiration she collects all over the world and translates it into a beautiful flow which will harmonize your body and mind.

Sarah Van Camp

An avid and passionate advocate of the power and possibilities of visualization and Sankalpa, Sarah Van Camp’s flowing voice will guide you on deep exploration of your inner mind and spirit whilst you settle in for a rejuvenating Yogic sleep.

Vivienne Yardley

Passionate Gong practitioner Vivienne Yardley invites you to completely surrender, relax and just be present while she lures you into the amazing universe of Gongs and instruments from around the world.

Gillian Carlyon

A dedicated Hatha teacher, Thai Yoga massage practitioner and Yoga Nidra teacher trainer, Gillian bring her amazing expertise and kindhearted soul to offer a taste of the healing powers of both Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga Nidra.

Pankaj Sharma

Combining a background of science and a true passion for Yoga, charming Pankaj Sharma guides us to experience our true self through the flow of sound.

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