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More than 100 new yoga teachers graduate from Yogalife Teacher Training Courses every year in Ghent, Brussels, Bonn, Zurich, and Geneva. We also meet teachers from outside the Yogalife community during workshops that we organise or attend throughout the year. From our ever-expanding yoga network, we then carefully select teachers based on their authenticity for the Yogalife Festival. This doesn’t mean that we focus solely on traditional hatha yoga or any one style, contemporary or new, but rather, we choose our instructors based on their lifestyle, mission, and authentic voice while teaching. There is no place for overgrown yoga ego and over-commercialisation at our festival. Authentic teachers are often low-profile, which is why this festival is a great platform to promote them and share their teachings with a wider audience.

Anjuly Rudolph

Meet Anjuly, traveling the world, living and working in many different countries such as Uganda, Burundi and Syria, she created a deep understanding for different cultures and the uniqueness and needs of each person on this planet. Life Energy Being part of an Indian...

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Els Grobben

Meet Els, who is a Belgian yoga teacher with a love for Hatha Yoga in many different forms ranging from dynamic and powerful to quiet chair yoga for 80+ students. Creating a positive and warm group atmosphere is one of her strengths as she’s convinced that human...

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Sarah Jabloune

Meet Sarah, who is a Belgian Yogalife teacher and psychotherapist. Next to the inspiring start of her yoga journey with Yogalife, Sarah continued specializing in Yin Yoga with Mirjam Wagner and Sarah Powers. Mastering the Mind Sarah has her own successful yoga studio...

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Meet Devananda, who started his Yoga journey in 1995 and experienced different yoga styles. In 2013 he discovered the benefits of Sampoorna Yoga on the body and mind. The full experience of the Sampoorna Yoga system transformed his view on health and life. Connected...

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Micaela Preguerman

Meet Micaela, she is a colourful, creative and motivating yogic soul. She is the kind of teacher who opens your heart to bring you back to your inner happiness. Fascinated by the power of consciousness, she loves sharing yoga as source of well-being. A bubble of...

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Sanjeev Bhanot

Meet Sanjeev, he is a free-thinker, a sensitive soul and a born troublemaker. As the founder and guiding force behind Yogalife and Antastha Yoga, he shares his considerable expertise as a learned and intuitive teacher through our Yoga Teacher Training Courses,...

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Ceylan Ayik

Meet Ceylan, who combines yoga and nutrition in her programmes, helping clients to reach their wellness goals in order to acquire healthier lifestyle habits. After being introduced to yoga many years ago, it is now her dream to practice and teach yoga as long as she...

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Elize Tikmane

Meet Elize, for the past decade, she has explored the movement and body in Laboratory of Stage Arts, as well as different dance, circus, and improvisation workshops and performances across Europe. Moving to Belgium brought Elize back to the path of yoga, that she has...

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Greet Swinnen

Meet Greet, a single mother of 3 who discovered her second youth when she decided to go back to university in her late thirties. She used yoga techniques to cope with the pressure of school during that time. When meditation and yoga appeared on her path, she could...

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