Meet Griet Gauri Ameeuw

As a dedicated Sampoorna Yoga teacher, Griet Gauri Ameeuw guides her students to allow the beauty inside them all to fully blossom and experience the fullness that is already here.

A Spiritual Life

As a biologist, Sampoorna Yoga teacher and mother of 3 wonderful children, Gauri believes that spiritual life, meaning a higher awareness of the one Reality, is the key to heal ourselves and this planet at the same time. Gauri loves teaching Yoga in all its aspects, as she received it from her Guru Shri Yogi Hari.

What started as a weekly Yoga class because of lower back pain, quickly emerged into a thorough voyage inward. In 2004 and 2005 Gauri completed the Yoga training courses at Yogi Hari’s Ashram in Florida and many other immersions in Yoga followed. It was as if she rediscovered a little overgrown track in the woods right within herself. She personally experienced the amazing transformation that Yoga can bring on physical, emotional and intellectual level, and in this process her wish grew to share this experience with others.

Today she combines raising her kids with working as a biologist and Yoga teacher, all in the spirit of Yoga. As part of the Belgian Sampoorna Yoga team, she organizes yoga retreats and offers Yogic cooking workshops and retreats ( Gauri joyfully and consciously accepts the challenge to apply Yogic principles in her daily live.

“We are complete already. All we need is right here. It is our duty, it is our life’s highest purpose to let the fullness, this beauty inside of us allow to blossom – and to feel and live the joy of this process.”

Energy, joy and happiness: Sampoorna Hatha Yoga!

A Sampoorna Yoga class traditionally starts with an invocation to remind the practitioner that hatha Yoga does not just address the physical body, it is a spiritual discipline. This creates an atmosphere of powerful calmness in body and mind. Breathing exercises are done at the beginning to wake up the energy and make it flow smoothly. They remove tiredness and energetic blockages, establish a healthy breathing pattern, energize and clean the breathing organs and the entire system and balance the activating and the calming component of the nervous system. The mind becomes calm, steady and awake.

Effective warming up exercises including sun salutations, strengthen, stretch and warm up the body to prepare it for asanas. The class continues flowing through a well-balanced series of postures which work systematically on strength, flexibility and balance. Variations are offered as the flow goes on and give you a complete workout.

The focus is more on what can be done rather than on one’s limits. The practice becomes a joyful, playful challenge that keeps the mind in a positive state.

A guided final relaxation completes the class. In this part of the yoga session you integrate all the work and all the experiences you made during the class and you are able to let go of the body and relax completely. You dive into deeper and deeper layers of your consciousness and come more and more in contact with your radiant, true nature.

Through this practice, all the systems of the physical body become strong and healthy. The astral body, made of the energy sheath, the mental sheath and the intellectual sheath, regain balance and harmony. When health, balance and harmony are restored, we come in contact with the causal body, which is made of bliss. This is how Sampoorna hatha yoga brings so much energy, joy and happiness!

You Will …


Come into contact with your radiant true nature


Dive into deeper layers of your consciousness


Experience energy, joy and happiness

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