Savira Vohra Gupta // Friday

With over eleven years of teaching experience, Savira’s classes focus on breath, movement and stillness.

Her sessions are created from her own experiences of life, motherhood, divorce and the ongoing onset of aging. Facing a cocktail of emotions, stress, hormonal imbalance and changes in her physical body, it was during this stage of her life where she began the process of combining key principles of compassion, non-judgment, self-reflection and humor into her own practice. This helped her to understand and accept the changes not only in her physical self but also mentally and emotionally.

She approaches her life with a willingness to learn and grow and to inspire other women who face similar challenges as well. “With each stage comes a new me, I need to re acquaint myself to it, I need to cultivate a lifelong friendship built on acceptance.

Her approach to teaching Yin or Yin Yang is holistic and encourages deep relaxation and the understanding of the self. Her sessions inspire playfulness, encourages interaction and self-exploration. Expect to be inspired and challenged in equal measures.


Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that requires long held postures while encouraging complete muscular relaxation and mental calmness. This meditative practice targets the joints by lengthening the deep-set fascia, ligaments and connective tissues within the physical body. These long holds will gently allow for muscular relaxation, which in turn will stimulate the deep connective tissues to lengthen thus making space between the joints. This process will open the path for a safer way to cultivate more flexibility within the body.

When the body is in a state of relaxation, it encourages the flow of pranayama and the ability to calm the mind.

Yin Yoga challenges you to sit and to observe the many sensations that emerge from within one’s physical, mental and emotional body.

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