Meet Sarah Van Camp

An avid and passionate advocate of the power and possibilities of visualization and Sankalpa, Sarah Van Camp’s flowing voice will guide you on deep exploration of your inner mind and spirit whilst you settle in for a rejuvenating Yogic sleep.

Surfing Brainwaves

Sarah Van Camp has been spending the best part of her days on her beloved – by now very much worn out – Yoga mat since 2013. She fell head over heels in love when she accidentally landed in a class whilst traveling around the US. Back in Belgium, she completed two RYS 200 Yoga Teacher Trainings of which the most transformational experience she had under the guidance of the thought-provoking Bhanot brothers. Since then, Sarah has been a dedicated member of the Yogalife community.

Always hungry for more, Sarah dove deeper into the ocean that is Yoga Nidra and found herself in awe of the effects this multilayered practice had on her personal life. With the realization of the immense power and possibilities Sankalpa (intention) and visualizations can have, she now surfs brainwaves as a part of her daily ritual and teaches weekly Yoga Nidra classes at Studio Groene Vallei in Ghent. Next to living the Yogi lifestyle, Sarah is a devoted animal rights activist and loves to spend time with her running shoes, weird facts podcasts and her chaotic kitchen.

Visualizations, remember when you were a kid?

Remember how extensive you could day dream when you were a kid? Remember how vivid the colors, how far fetched the fantasies?  When did this beautiful and pure-hearted ability die out? Don’t worry, you can retrain your creative mind and get it back. As a matter of fact, visualizing and fantasizing are not a mere waste of time. Actually, when placed right it can be a powerful tool to steer your life in the direction of your heart’s desire.

In Yoga Nidra, we use visualizations when we plant a seed into our subconscious mind, which thinks in images. Surfing our lower brain waves in a state of Yogic or dynamic sleep – we have the opportunity to place our Sankalpa, our intention and allow it to grow as we water it with practice.

During this class, you build a cozy Savasana nest and you surrender to Sarah’s voice completely, as she guides you through a classical Yoga Nidra sequence. As you follow her voice as a thread through your personal exploration, you will train your visualization skills and enter unexplored rooms of your subconscious mind.

You Will …


Experience a deep state of relaxation


Train your capacity to visualize your heart’s desire


Go on an exploration within your own mind and spirit

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