Meet Peggy Ball

Peggy Ball is a dedicated teacher from the Yogalife family who feels blessed to teach diverse classes in her cozy studio in her own backyard in Merelbeke, Ghent, always taking care of the well-being of her students.

Peggy started her own practice of Yoga in 2013. Curious and wondering about the underlying aspects, she studied Yoga more closely during the Yogalife Teacher Training in Ghent in 2014 under the guidance of the dedicated and experienced Manoj, Shweta and Sanjeev Bhanot.

Their Upward Spiral Program in Goa India, was the real eye and heart opener to the practice and since then Peggy follows the Yoga path on a daily basis.

A second teacher training with Joachim Meire, with the focus on critical alignment and several workshops, retreats are her inspiration.

Peggy feels blessed to have opened her own yoga studio “YAM”  in her backyard in Merelbeke nearby Ghent. Being a small and cozy studio, enjoying the silence,

Peggy offers a variation of classes, going from hatha to vinyasa to yin, always taking care of the well-being of the students, using blocks, belts, bolsters and blankets.

Once a teacher, always continuously a student.

“I still love following classes and workshops to stay connected with what is, ‘now’.”

Tune in

Let’s tune in together. We warm our body and mind with some kundalini-inspired practice, flowing into arm, hip and heart openers and cooling down again with yin.

Just glide into the movement under the guidance of your ujjayi-breath.

Each yoga session is a surprise. Where will our mind and body lead us to?

This is an all levels class since each level has its own beauty, charm and possibilities.

You Will …


Tune in to your mind and body


Flow through arm, hip and heart openers


Cool down in yin

Line-Up 2019

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