Meet Ute Schaber

In Ute Schaber’s typical way - loving and kind - she shares with the world a deep knowledge of Lu Jong, a Tibetan healing practice that brings strength, stability and happiness.

Find Strength & Stability

Ute encountered Lu Jong and her Tibetan Buddhist master Tulku Lobsang in 2003. After she uncovered the immense positive effects of the practice, she became a Yoga teacher and this way started sharing her experience in her hometown in Germany. In 2014 Ute became a student of Sanjeev Bhanot and kept deepening her Yogic knowledge.

At Yogalife Festival, Ute will share with us her insight of Tibetan healing Yoga – Lu Jong, an ancient practice that uses smooth movements of the body to attain a deep harmony between body, mind and spirit. Through Lu Jong, you will find strength, stability and happiness.



Tibetan Healing Yoga

Balancing the elements, Lu Jong works simultaneously with body, mind and energy.

Through Lu Jong we combine form, movement and breath. Along with mindfulness, this practice deeply connects body and mind. We use form and movement to repeatedly apply pressure to sacred points on the energy channels, massaging and releasing emotional and physical blockages. Using breath and awareness, an inner calm arises: a true meditation in movement.

We transform negative emotions and we invigorate the subtle body system. The result is a beautiful, efficient and systematic practice that improves our wellbeing in all dimensions.


You Will…


Deeply connect your body and mind


Experience a true meditation in movement


Transform negative emotions

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