Meet Anjuly,

traveling the world, living and working in many different countries such as Uganda, Burundi and Syria, she created a deep understanding for different cultures and the uniqueness and needs of each person on this planet.

Life Energy

Being part of an Indian family of internationally recognized yoga teachers and due to the influence of her famous mother and yoga therapist Tripta Bhanot, Anjuly’s teaching style bases on a very traditional and profound knowledge.

As a Life Balance Coach, Reiki master, tarot reader and Law of Attraction expert she further gives shape to her dedicated work as a yoga teacher, fueled by a strong and positive life energy.

Practicing yoga with Anjuly is a special and one of a kind encounter because she shares personal and intimate insights from her own life experience from which her students can benefit. In her classes, Anjuly keeps a close eye on the needs of the students, adapting to questions that might rise and offering individual care to those in need.


During this unique class you will meet yourself in a new context with Anjuly acting as a mirror for you to see what you are truly capable of.

This class is for you if…


Want to see what you are capable of


You are ready to question your approach to asana


You are looking for a steady practice

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