Leela is the game of life. The Leela Bhajan Jam Band is a group of joyful souls that are captivated by making spiritual music together in a free and playful fashion, including the entire audience as a part of the whole.

Bhakti Yoga

Chanting spiritual songs together is a vital part of Bhakti Yoga, where we express our love, joy and wonder towards the divine. This sharing leads to a deep feeling of joy and togetherness, whilst gifting energy to the whole body.

Guided by guitars, flute and drums, the simple Sanskrit song texts are projected on a screen so everybody can fully enjoy and participate in the Bhajans. Texts are also available through the website.

Leela’s Websitehttps://www.leela-yoga.be/

Peter Marchand

In 1983, at the age of 20, Peter Marchand became a student of Harish Johari, many times author, artist and essentially a tantric yogi. During 14 years Peter intensively concentrated on his teachings and often visited his family and teachers in India. When Harish Johari left his body in 1999, Peter became the general director of Sanatan Society, a worldwide networking organization of students of Harish Johari, with the mission to study and spread the original, universal and eternal truth of Yoga. Later on, Peter also found inspiration with other teachers, such as Kathia Baba, Narmada Devi and Kedar Upreti.

Feel free to bring your instrument to jam with the group!

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