Meet Joke,

better known as YOKE, is a qualified Yogalife teacher and guides students into a refreshing and down to earth form of Hatha yoga in Heusden (Destelbergen) and Sint-Amandsberg.

Change Your Body

When Joke was 18, she suffered from hyperventilation caused by stress and in the search for relief, yoga came into her life. Breathing now remains an important thread throughout her classes.

“Yoga has the power to change and open up your body, to experience bountiful breath. When breathing deeply you can connect to your true and powerful self. Why not share this profound moment and connect with others?”

Breathe and Connect

YOKE creates a refreshing mix of meditation, breathing exercises, yoga poses and relaxation, accompanied by inspiring music.

“Yoga provides balance, strength, energy, flexibility and self-confidence. YOKE means “to bring together”. It is the root word from which yoga is derived and that is exactly what YOKE stands for: yoga from the heart. Regardless of your physical condition or flexibility: yoga is welcoming to everyone. “

YOKE offers a class that will deepen your breath and celebrates the connection to yourself and the ones around you.

YOKE will…


meditate, exercises and relax


bring together


deepen your breath

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