Meet Walter Bauwens

Career man and holistic coach Walter Bauwens, shares valuable insights about how one can follow their true purpose in life whilst achieving financial freedom.

Workaholic Turns Yogi

Both an active career as coach and entrepreneur as well as a Yoga teacher, Walter Bauwens bridges his business experience with the insights he got from Yoga & meditation by becoming an holistic coach. As a past workaholic, he knows precisely what can go wrong if you are not listening to your body. After experiencing a burnout Walter decided to take a sabbatical in order to learn holistic techniques for balancing mind and body and became a certified Yoga teacher.

Today he’s bridging his business experience and networks with the insights he got from yoga & meditation by becoming an holistic coach.

He works from Belgium and Portugal ( to achieve long lasting results with his coachees (


How to create balance in life by bringing dreams into reality.

This workshop will give you insights on how you can achieve financial freedom whilst following your dreams.

We all experienced Yoga and/or meditation in one way or another to help us to calm down our mind. Nevertheless we still struggle to apply these new techniques into our daily life.

Whilst wanting to follow our dreams, there is still an economical truth that we have to fulfill and the reality often shows that our dreams are not covering our daily expenses. Even by becoming a Yoga teacher we are not sure that we can survive.

Starting from our true purpose in life, we create a strategy and a step by step implementation to bring us towards our balance and finally create long lasting happiness.



You Will Experience…


Think about your true purpose in life


Create a strategy towards achieving your dreams


Learn how to achieve financial freedom

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