History of the Yogalife Festival! // Since 2013

A Weekend of Yoga

The Yogalife Festival was initiated through the efforts of Manoj and his team. Manoj was the man behind the Yogalife Teachers Training courses in Belgium, and his students were asking for a way to meet each other again during the summer. One of the students opened her beautiful garden for the 10 participants of the first edition of the Yoga Festival in August 2013. Year after year, the crowd became bigger and the organization of the event became more prominent. By 2016 the Yogalife Family had grown to over 150 people.

Grow Together

The initial plan, yoga teachers teaching yoga to yoga teachers, was completely voluntarily. It was about meeting each-other, sharing knowledge and growing together. Everybody contributed equally in the setup of the event. Some people would take care of the food, others would bring a tent for the Yoga Shala, people would bring decoration from their houses, it was a small Yogalife family get-together.

Yogalife Family

Throughout the history of the festival it has always been important to create an atmosphere of friendship and family. People come to the Yoga Festival to meet old and new friends and to spend a wonderful weekend together. We eat together, watch the bonfire and the stars together, sing and laugh together and above all, do yoga together. The same values will hold strong in our upcoming edition in August 2017.

These people came to our festival

Loved the day, super time with my USP friends and teachers, next year 2 days whatever happens 🙏 lovely classes and thanks for giving me the chance of giving a class 🙏 thanks to my family for giving yoga a go 🙏 thanks to all, special thanks for the karma team.

Peggy Bal Yoga Teacher

The setting was like a fairy tale, classes were fun and relaxing, and the food exquisite. Thank you Yogalife for making this possible, and a big congratulation to the whole organizing team!

Ilse Hubrecht Yoga Teacher

Thanx to all of you for sharing all the beauty you have inside! Keep shining! X

Karen Janssen Yoga Teacher

It was amazing, what a beautiful ENERGY … Wish the whole world could feel the same connection! We are absolutely completing a MISSION with this YOGAteam: reconnect the world in LOVE and CARE for each other 🙂 Namasté Xxx Big hug to ALL OF YOU!

Mieke Poppe Teacher at Mariagaard

Thank you so much for this wonderful yoga week-end. I enjoyed it so much and feel very blessed of being a part of it and being able to share the beautiful energy. Namasté to you all

Nancy de Smet Yoga Teacher

Happy to know the dates of Yogalife Festival 2017, so we can organize ourselves to be there. It’s a highlight of the year!

Walter Bauwens Management Coach

Such a wonderful energy! I enjoyed each and every second. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the participants for turning this festival into a truly magical event!

Sigrid van de Wijer Yoga Teacher

Join Us

If you got inspired after reading the history of the festival, then we invite you to join us for the fifth edition of the Yogalife Festival. The festival will take place close to Gent in Belgium. You can book a ticket by clicking the button below.